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SmileMe Toothpaste
SmileMe Toothpaste
SmileMe Toothpaste
SmileMe Toothpaste
SmileMe Toothpaste

SmileMe Toothpaste

Change from plastic habit to sustainable with your first month test for €4,50 . Use CODE TrySmileMe

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Remineralizes teeth for a naturally bright smile and fresh breath. Created using natural ingredients and zero-plastic packaging to care for your health and the earth.

  • Powder formula developed by dentists 
  • Refreshing minty flavour 
  • Effective ingredients to care for your teeth 
  • Vegan. No toxic chemicals
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable materials 
  • Subscription-only 4,50 a month


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$1 from every purchase is donated to an Ocean Cleanup Project

Better for your health,
better for the planet

A clean mouth and long-lasting fresh breath, without
the punishment on your health and the environment.

No plastic. No toxins. No stress.

An effective and clean formula without the harsh chemicals known to cause dry mouth and chapped lips. Safe for sensitive teeth.


Helps reminiralize your teeth


Helps balance PH levels in your mouth


For a naturally clean and fresh breath


Acts as a mild abrasive that healps clean and polish your teeth

Get a Free Bamboo Toothbrush

With every order

Soft natural bristles, and a bamboo handle make for an eco and enamel-friendly brush like none other.

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Created with you & the planet in mind

Our daily habits have a huge impact on our health and the planet. Billions of plastic toothpaste tubes and brushes are thrown away each year.

Toothpaste tubes aren't biodegradable and so are the toothbrushes

Plastic causes severe threat to the planet's wildlife

Plastic doesn't go away. It breaks down into microplastics.

Use Less Plastic

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Only in Europe 1 billion toothpaste tubes are thrown away every year


Subscribe to your favorite SmileMe product and save every month, plus you get free shipping.


Our subscription plan includes a refill every 4 months and a free toothbrush. You'll save on wastefull packaging.


Never forget to buy toothpaste or renew your toothbrush again—and you can change or cancel at anytime.

Most Asked Questions

SmileMe toothpaste tabs are made in the UK, complying with all the GMP guidelines.

Our Toothpaste Tabs are made from plant-derived, high-quality ingredients and are provided in sustainable packaging. Every ingrient is carefully selected avoiding the use of harmful chemicals, unsustainable ingredients and plastic packaging. We formulate our Tabs and we do not have a private label ensuring that our Tabs are exclusive to us and unlike any other toothpaste tablets on the market.

The truth is that plastic toothpaste tubes cannot be recycled due to the materials and manner of manufacture. toothpaste tubes are composed of sheets of plastic laminate over a thin coating of aluminum. Their end life is on landfills and the ocean, Plastic never degrade it breaks into microparticles.

Proud to be...

Plastic Free
Plastic Free
Cruelty Free
Cruelty Free
Toxin Free
Toxin Free
Zero Waste

From plastic habit to sustainable 62 Days Challenge

Change your Oral Care from plastic to sustainable with your first 4 months at just 15,00 or 3,75 per month.
We believe you can change your habit in less than 62 days. Because we want you to go sustainable
Here is the challenge at just 3,75 a month after that will be 4,50 per month and zero plastic waste! Use the CODE TrySmileMe


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