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Your Oral care is generating 1 Billion of non-recyclable plastic tubes each year. We have reinvented toothpaste so that your smile and the environment can stay clean and healthy

I’ve always been very careful with my personal oral care since I was just a child, the dentist wasn’t a problem because I loved to brush my teeth. What I will never think about was what will happen with the toothpaste tube and brush after I used them and the ingredients that the toothpaste is made with. 

So why is toothpaste a paste inside a plastic tube and why it has to be used and made all with plastic? these are the two questions that SmileMe was founded on.

Knowing that the toothpaste tube can not be actually recycled and that my FIRST Toothbrush is still somewhere!  Was the before and after!

All those small toothpaste tubes to travel, that end up on the garbage really fast and even before they are empty, the ones we have at home! WHAT A WASTE. 

Realizing all this was the time to start looking for a substitute of toothpaste tubes, plastic.

I knew I could just make toothpaste for me, so I start testing with homemade recipes. I communicated with some manufacturers and after a small self course on how to make your own tablets, I made some to test with a small manual tablet maker.  I have to say that I didn’t have and still don’t any chemistry knowledge I just press ingredients I could buy on small quantities to make my own toothpaste.

This gave me the confidence to find real toothpaste producers, and after a lot of searches I finally present the idea to a UK based manufacturer who loved the new concept, This opened the option to have real laboratory expertise on oral care products with years of experience in collaborations with dentists.


I grew up on South America close to the Caribbean sea, I went many times there :) and swim in beautiful places with corals that were truly alive, sadly those seascapes are no longer the same. That's why SmileMe donates to clean the oceans. 


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